Toilet/Shower Block | Boatshed | Water Craft | Standpipes | Rafting Barrels | Camp Fire | The Lake

Toilet/Shower Block

The centre has a well equipped shower and toilet block with unmetered  shower usage (no hidden expenses & no fighting over 20 pence pieces). Luxury for some, ESSENTIAL for others!


The centre has a recently completed and opened boatshed (see the opening day)

Water Craft

The centre has an excellent selection of water craft including: - Kayaks, Sailing Dingheys & Windsurfers


The centre has well sited standpipes near to popular camping locations to ease the toil of the water carrying.

Rafting Barrels & Barbeque Drums

The centre has a supply of plastic ex fruit barrels for rafting (it is advisable to bring your own pioneering poles as at present long life has taken itís toll on the centreís own-i.e. we had to burn them)

Also several metal half drum barbeques are available.

Camp Fire

The centre has a designated camp fire area for making the perfect fire for that sing-along time.


The centre has a superb spring fed ĎJí shaped lake.