Brian’s Boatshed| Ballooning Bobbies

Opening “Brian’s Boatshed”

The boatshed was opened on 13th May 2000 by Brians widow, Beryl Adkins.  Brian was a local Policeman who was an active committee member and devoted much of his time to the introduction of local youngsters (and some not quite so young) to watersports.  Following Brians death his family thought the best way to celebrate his life was to raise funds to build a new boatshed for the centre.

After 3 years of fund raising and building the boatshed was finally finished..  The pictures below show the opening day.

REMEMBER: “Always look on the bright side of life!”

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Crowd Gathers | Guess Who Found The Beer | Pray Silence
I Now Pronounce | Look What We Built

A crowd gathers in wait

Guess who found the beer

Pray, Silence for the Vice-Chairman

I now pronounce.....

Look what we built

Ballooning Bobbies

You’ve heard of “Chopper Coppers”, how’s about “Ballooning Bobbies”.  There is nowhere to hide from this silent law enforcement team, either by day or by night.

At the recent Norfolk Constabulary North Division Sports & Social Club Wet Weekend (and yes it did rain!) a local ballooninst used the site to give taster sessions and a couple of short flights (they would have been longer but the wind  was blowing out to sea, and to quote “Norway is a long way at 10 knots!”).